It all started with an idea.

The idea that technology has become a daily part of everyone's lives; affecting all levels of society in one manner or another. And yet, even with this broad advancement in cultural change, we still have the concern that our technology is insecure.

With that concern brings the issue of restraint from fully incorporating technology in the Organizations that bring opportunity to the world. As such, the founding members of Black Bear (IS) decided to bring their areas of expertise to the public in an effort to reduce Digital Risk and make technology more secure overall. Each member brings to the table decades of experience in multiple industries and a passion for one thing; The Security of Information Systems. 

Founded in 2017 at a coffee shop in Pittsburgh, PA, Black Bear Information Security provides services to you in a customer-first environment.For more information about us, what we do, and Who We Are - Send an e-mail to Info@blackbearinfosec.com