Hackers don't stop, neither can you


In the ever changing, ever evolving world of technology there are two types of people; those who pursue advancement in their respective industries and those who attempt to strip established organizations of hard-earned assets.

Information Security methodologies seek to provide the protection mechanisms needed to mitigate the ill-effects of unethical hackers around the globe.

Black Bear Information Security’s mission is to ensure that your digital assets are as secure as possible with a never-quit work ethic.

Photo by Black Bear Information Security, LLC.

Penetration Testing

Your Personal Red Team On-Demand

This stand-alone service can also be coupled with vulnerability assessments to produce the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your systems’ patch requirements. Our teams of IS experts use known exploitation devices, much like those used by unethical hackers, to penetrate network resources at their weak points. Resulting data allows security teams to remediate the issues as quickly as possible.


Vulnerability Assessment

Stop being reactive. Start being proactive.

Whether you’re seeking Compliance with a governing body or your Company’s Board, Black Bear Information Security can provide multiple levels of system vulnerability assessments with our Five-i Vulnerability Service. This assessment will provide crucial data using a rate system that will better position your internal security teams to tackle the most prevalent vulnerabilities.


Wireless Security Assessment

Safe wireless for all your business needs.

Technology has moved into the era of wireless connectivity as primary means of data transfer for over two decades. As a result, the landscape of Companies being infiltrated through wireless access has increased exponentially. Black Bear Information Security will provide wireless assessments in an effort to identify and mitigate issues that could be detrimental to your Organization's privacy and security.


Ad-Hoc Information Security Services

Black Bear Information Security, LLC. is committed to the industry, community, and advancement of information systems security. In keeping with this mentality, we offer an as-built consultancy program that tailors to the individual needs of your Organization. This could include a combination of the services listed above or tailor-made consultancy services to assist in building your own security program. Our team of professionals has experience in building technical DR/BC Programs, ERP Security, Voice and Collaboration Security, Backups and Replication and many more!